Two Nigerian sisters set to wed same day, checkout their pre-wedding photos (PHOTOS)


Prospective brides Aramide and Bukola are set to get married on the same day. Why, one may ask the answer is that the two beautiful ladies are said to be sisters.

Marriage is such a beautiful that when one hears of an impending marriage, a feeling of happiness usually precedes any other feeling.

For women, it’s a day most have been waiting for all their lives. Saying ‘I do’ holds such an important meaning that most women when they reach marriageable age without husbands, they often go into a deep depression.

For men, it usually means the end of their bachelorhood. No more ‘philandering’ if I may. Men who have reached the age of marriage without finding a wife also get depressed.

The sisters and their husbands

One thing most have also wondered is how two brothers or sisters decide to get married on the same day. Shouldn’t your wedding be a special day? Why then should you choose to share the spotlight?

These unanswered questions haven’t fazed prospective brides and sisters Aramide and Bukola who are planning on getting married on the same day.

See how radiant they look with their fiancees below:

Bukola, Aramide and their husbands to be.

Congrats to them.

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