Swagger!! Who Looks Better in Military Uniform – President Buhari Vs Goodluck Jonathan (Photos)


Most ladies can agree to the fact that a man in uniform looks ten times hotter than when he is in casual clothes. There’s just something about power that is magically attractive. President Buhari and former President Jonathan are two Nigerians who have achieved ultimate attractiveness for seating on the most powerful position in the country.

President Buhari is a retired General in the Nigerian Army and the current president of Nigeria. He was sworn in May, 2015.

Goodluck Jonathan is a former President of Nigeria, having served from 2010 to 2015. The 59-year-old man ruled the country after serving as vice president under former President Yar’adua. Upon his passing and in accordance to the Nigerian constitution, Goodluck became president.

As commander in chief of Armed Force, these two men wore military uniform when duty required and they looked totally hot in it.

You decide who had the most military swag between these two powerful men.

1. Oga sir

2. Mr oga

3. Shun sir!

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