SO PAINFUL!!! Family Of 6 Killed By Generator Fumes In Rivers Buried (Graphics Photos)

A family of six have been laid to rest in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. Mr Kinika Kingsley, wife and kids faced tragedy when they depended on generator for power supply.

Thinking they were surviving consistent power failure around the country, they were greeted by the cold hands of death instead.

According to reports, the family of six retired to bed early that day depending on their generator for power as they didn’t want to be in darkness. Mr Kininka had wanted to provide comfort for his family but instead offered them to death by mistake.

The tragedy which wiped out the whole family have left ardent generator users afraid of what the future hold for them in a country where power failure is a constant.

Mr Kinika who was a University of Port Harcourt graduate died at the age of 40 and his wife at the age of 28 with their kids.

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