Slim Lady Married to similarly fat man shares experience, Blasts people mocking new couple (photos)


Love they say is blind but are lovers blind? You answer that after reading this.

Ada Ogbonna has shown support for the couple whose wedding photo went viral, the fat and hefty groom and his slim bride.

People made mockery of the man for being too weighty for the bride but the bride seems to have an accomplice in Ogbonna who claimed she married an equally fat man but has been able to help him maintain a healthy stature.

Sharing a photo of her husband then a huge man and a now healthier looking man she took to her Facebook account to make a case for the viral couple. She also gave reasons why people marry.

She shared before and after photo with her own husband and wrote;…

“TOMORROW IS PREGNANT This couple went viral yesterday but it saddens me how people go about making fun of this couple. Not everyone marries for money, you know?

Some actually have genuine love and some are attracted to their partner’s intellect. Majority of you marry for looks, thereby when your marriage starts crumbling or looks starts fadeing away.

There’s nothing that could sustain it. Use my story as an inspiration. Look at Oga m back in the day and look at him now. Biko, lets stop judging people’s looks and making ignorant comments about different S3@.x:’ual positions they use.

You are making an ass of yourselves Facebook gangsters. It takes a thoughtful and caring partner to help their spouse lose the weight. I believe in this couple and wish them a happy married life.”

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