Richest [email protected]!tute accused of using “Dead Body Water” to Lure Clients exposed by Colleague

runs girl

Three Pr@.$t!tutes in Harare, Zimbabwe have been arrested and fined after they clashed with a 24-year-old self-confessed colleague accusing her of using supernatural powers to lure their clients.

runs girl

The prostitues who were identified as, Philomina, Elizabeth and Pretty, accussed another call girl identified as, Belinda Precious Kufa popularly known as Anesu of using charms on her clients.

Philomina said: “Anesu made a deal with one funeral parlour and got water used to clean a dead body and she splashes it daily by the flat to lure our clients. As it stands she has been making a lot of money for the past three weeks.”

“We confronted her over the issue and discovered that she keep a clay pot with charms under her bed.”

Anesu reported the three ladies to Harare central police station after they threatened to hire thugs to attack her. The three were later released after paying $20 (N9,760) fine each.

Philomina also claimed that the police officer who arrested them is a client of Anesu. She said: ” It’s only that the police officer she called is one of her clients and she brags that all the ladies here will be arrested if anyone raises a complaint against her.”

According to H-Metro, Anesu refused to give any comment.

Wonders shall never end!

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