PHOTOS: UK based Nigerian actress, Esther Falana gets body surgery after child birth (See Why and how she looks)

Even though the Nigerian and perhaps the African society as a whole would frown upon body enhancement through surgery, a lady proudly ‘bragged’ about hers.

A UK-based Nigerian single mother of one, Esther Falana, went against the norm by openly mentioning the fact that she enhanced her body features.

Esther who appears not to care about people’s opinion of her, said she decided to have surgery after birthing her daughter, because she didn’t like the way her ‘post-baby body’ looked.

Taking to Twitter, Esther who appears in a popular web tv show, BK CHAT LDN, wrote: “Correction, I didn’t do surgery because I was obese or overweight, I did it because I didn’t like my figure after childbirth. Now…”

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See her tweets below:

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