Nightlife in Lagos – Here are the Top Clubs In Lagos To Have Fun (PHOTOS)


The nightlife in Lagos, is something to write about. It is colourful, full of life, always popping, and filled with non-stop fun and excitement. The night life can take form in any way. Where there are few friends gathered and there’s the right amount of liquor, fun could literally be in your house.

In Lagos, there are cool bars, Casinos, bubbling beaches, high class hotels, classy lounges, and so much more. However, the fun is just not quite complete until there’s a club involves. Also, even though you might have been clubbing your whole life in Lagos, but if you haven’t been to the right clubs, then you haven’t started.

According to general information, here are the top clubs in Lagos for you to have the most fun in.

  • Escape


Club Escape is a top club in Lagos, and if you have entered even just once, you would be able to tell the difference from this and all the other whacks out there. Located in Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Club Escape has the right feel, the top DJ’s, and is filled with the right kind of people. You get to chill in style in the beautiful club and you can escape from all your worries at the door.

  • Sip


Sip is ordinarily a lounge, but when the nightlife comes calling, Sip is whatever you make of it. Sip lounge is one of the premium nightclubs in Lagos. It is beautifully decorated, it screams comfort and luxury, the customer service is one in town, and its quality matches so many other top clubs internationally. It’s got food for when you need to munch on something in the middle of chilling, it has a wonderful VIP lounge with a superb view of the whole club, and the ambience is just spectacular.

  • Quilox


There is no mentioning clubs in Lagos without mentioning Quilox. The name can be heard in many top music videos and it is not uncommon to find the biggest celebrities in Nigeria chilling there on a regular Friday night. Owned by Shina Peller, the club is situated in a massive building. This club also has a restaurant and bar.

  • Club 57

Club 57 

Club 57, formerly known as ‘Bacchus Club’, is a new generation club. Located in Awolowo Rd, in the heart of Ikoyi, this club is a wonderful place to ease the tension and stress of the week away. The club is an exclusive one and it accommodates a lot of celebrities and top people in Nigeria. Also, Club 57 offers amazing continental cuisine and exotic drinks as well.

  • Rumours


Another amazing club, is that owned by the one and only 2Baba himself. Club Rumours is one club where almost anybody can have fun in. Following the success of the first two branches of the Club in Ikeja and Festac Town, he opened yet another one in Victoria Island. Whatever branch you go to promises to be bubbling and the energy would always be alive.

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