Kcee and wife Ijeoma Okonkwo: Here is Why do they avoid each other on social media (PHOTOS)

Kcee and wife Ijeoma Okonkwo: Why do they avoid each other on social media? What is the reason for such unusual behavior? Is it privacy protection or are there other explanations?


Kcee, a Nigerian singer and songwriter

It’s very hard for celebrities to keep their personal lives a secret, especially, if the star is very popular. As a rule, creative people are usually private people. On the one hand, they want to be popular, they crave fame and adoring fans. On the other hand, many of them hide their private life and family status from the public. We can usually notice this when they seem to focus attention on the opposite gender. Such a game of hide and seek is an excellent foundation for all kinds of talks and gossips. Paparazzi and ordinary people will try to find out the truth by all means.

Kcee and wife Ijeoma Cynthia Okonkw

Kcee and Ijeoma Okonkwo

Is Kcee married?

Among the famous Nigerian musicians, there are also individuals who keep their private lives very secret. Here, for example, we have Kcee – a singer, and the songwriter who hid his marital status for a long time. He was believed to be in a relationship with different girls, including Ebube Nwagbo.

Kcee wife Ijeoma Cynthia Okonkw

Kcee and wife Ijeoma Okonkwo: Why do they avoid each other on social media?

The singer married Ijeoma Cynthia Okonkwo in 2010. It is said that Kcee proposed to his woman in a hot air balloon in Dubai. It’s a very romantic action! The traditional wedding took place in Anambra State, and the state registration of the newlyweds was held at the Apapa Registry.

Kcee and Ijeoma Cynthia Okonkw

Kcee and his wife Ijeoma Okonkwo

About Kcee wife Ijeoma Okonkwo there is little information. The couple hardly ever appears anywhere together in public. In his interviews to the media, Kcee answered questions about his family status evasively. The singer said that he did not confirm or deny his status as a married man. And in the case when he spoke directly, he stated that it was not his wedding; it was supposedly about the wedding of another public person E-Money. Basically, journalists did not get an exact answer to the question.


Why do Kcee and Ijeoma avoid each other on social media?

The artist has 1.6 million subscribers in the Instagram, there are 4,522 posts on his page, including a variety of videos. But his wife Ijeoma does not appear anywhere. Also, Kcee is subscribed to 2,066 other accounts. But among them, journalists did not find Ijeoma Okonkwo on the list. At the same time, Ijeoma, for now, has 1,412 followers and 235 posts. She is also following 264 other online accounts. And again there are no results to show her husband is on that list. No direct online contact with her husband.

Kcee and Ijeoma Cynthia Okonkw 1

The only evidence of their more or less close relationship is one photo on the Internet.

Ijeoma did the scene design for one of the Kcee videos. Despite the fact that Ijeoma Okonkwo owns the agency Pixieworldevents which is involved in decoration and design of various events and celebrations, the young woman avoids publicity. But Ijeoma, the mother of two children shared a photo on Instagram.

She says that, due to personal reasons, she decorates all kinds of celebrations, except for weddings. But after an unmentioned incident, she may get rid of the phobia of doing designs for weddings. And Kcee wife added that her brand strategist usually urged her to show her face for her brand.

Kcee and Ijeoma Cynthia Okonkw 3

Kcee and wife Ijeoma Okonkwo (traditional wedding photo)

But it is interesting that Kcee and Ijeoma do not share greetings on birthdays or other holidays. They say that the musician put up a picture on Mother’s day without any signature. And on Valentine’s Day, he shared a post, but he used only vague, general words.

That’s why, we cannot says specifically who the message was for. It’s completely incomprehensible.

Maybe, Kcee and his wife made the right decision not to advertise their relationship online and on social media. Of course, this solution will save them from excess talks and gossips, as well as from the comments of some fans who might want to poke their noses into Kcee and Ijeoma family.

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