‘My Married Cousin Gives Me The Best S*X’- Nigerian Woman Confesses (See Her Photo)

A Nigerian woman has revealed how she fell in love with her married cousin which eventually led to them having s ex at the slightest opportunity.

In a Facebook post shared by Ben Victor, the woman narrated that she finds it hard developing feelings for other men due to the love she has for the cousin.

Read the shocking story below:

“It all started when I was still in secondary School, I had an uncle that sexually abused me. When I finished secondary school I had boyfriends but never felt anything for them.

Then I went to stay with my cousin, I became so close to him that we fell in love with each other. I have never loved someone the way I love him.

My cousin is married but I haven’t or can’t still get over him or love someone else. I go out with many guys but feel nothing for them. I will cry anytime I see my cousin and his wife, it hurts me so much to see two of them together. I don’t know what to do.

I have been having s*x with him since I fell for him; he got married last year and his wife is not aware of the feelings we have for each other. He stays in the East while I reside here in Abuja. We met last month and still had s*x. I want to fall in love again, I’m tired of crying, feeling pains and frustrated. Please can u help me?”


Help! Am Going Crazy after Sleeping with My Office Boss – Woman Confesses

A woman has narrated how she started a passionate office romance with her boss and now she cannot stop.

My boss has brought out a side of me I never knew existed since we started having passionate s*x. We do it anywhere we can, including in the office when everyone else has gone home. I am 20.

I have only ever had one previous boyfriend and that was a boy at school when I was just coming up to 16. I started my present job when a friend told me there was a vacancy because someone was leaving.

I jumped at the chance as I was bored at my last place of work. I am certainly not bored at this one. Right away my new boss was really charming and friendly. Looking back I suppose you could say he was all over me. He’s 32.

It did not occur to me at the time that he was trying to get off with me. I just thought he was a really nice man and that I was lucky to be working for such a lovely guy. Our affair began when he asked me to stay late to clear a backlog of queries.

After an hour or so he brought out a bottle of wine “to help us along”. When we finished the job he gave me a kiss to celebrate, but then it turned into something more. We had s*x on his office desk. I did not realise that he had a girlfriend who was pregnant at the time.

He told me this after one particularly long and passionate session at a hotel nearby — we had decided the office was too uncomfortable and so started goting to a hotel whenever we got the chance.

I was shocked and thought that was the end of us. He took some time off to be at home with his partner and new baby after she was born but the moment he got me alone afterwards he said how much he had missed me and our affair is as hot as ever.

I know he won’t leave his girlfriend but I think I am getting feelings for him. I have never told him though. Does he really care for me or is he just using me?


Nigerian wife calls out husband’s married colleague, who reportedly likes sleeping with people’s husbands (PICS)

A Nigerian lady identified as Ndidi Onyekwelu Tettey has taken a sensitive matter to the social media. The married woman made use of the services rendered by the social media in exposing her husband’s married colleague who has formed the habit of sleeping with other women’s husbands.

While no one knows what led to the issue, Tettey made a post on her Facebook page accusing her husband’s colleague of being a fan of extramarital affairs. Sadly, the accused person is a married woman with two children.

Tettey called out the other woman in a bid to get her attention and expose her to the world. The accused was identified as Josephine Ekerette in the post she made. She went on to curse her after pitying the poor man who got married to her.

Ndidi Tettey, the married woman who called out her husband’s married colleague. Source: Facebook, Ndidi Onyekwelu Tettey.

See what Tettey wrote in her post:

Josephine ekerette i can see dat u are in d habit of fucking oda women’s husbands despite d fact dat u a married woman with 2 kids. I dont care wether u se jazz or not but dis will b ur last. I pity ur husband who decided to marry a waste of woman’s labour and a public latrine like u. A woman of easy virtue

The angry woman also mentioned the fact that Ekerette might have been using jazz to lure other people’s husbands. She threatened to make this case the last time the other woman would sleep with other married men.

Screenshot of the post made by Tettey before it got deleted. Source: Laila’s Blog.

When Tettey’s page was checked, the post had found its way off her page. There is an indication that she might have deleted it after being under fire for calling out the other woman openly.

Watch the NAIJ video below to see what Nigerians said when asked if they could marry a baby mama or papa:

PLEASE HELP! My In-laws Are Making Me Get Tired Of My Marriage (Read FULL Story)

My father in law is late (RIP), he was a good man and he never stressed me. When things were really rough for my husband, I didn’t see any family member, in fact no one came to visit us except my father in law, my mother in law too is late.

My problem is my husband’s two Aunties, for 2 years now they have been making my life miserable, always saying bad things about me to people. Someone in my husband’s family told me that they are behaving like that because they think I am the one collecting my husband’s money but God knows. They are always demanding large sum of money from my husband & I don’t mind (it’s none of business, even though my husband complain to me most times).

There was a day one of my husband’s aunt told my husband to always tell them about anything he is doing. One thing I will never accept from any human being is someone disrespecting my mom, one of his aunt was talking anyhow to my mom few months ago (my mom is very old & she doesn’t make trouble). They also talk anyhow to me in public and in the presence of my staff that I will even start crying due to the embarrassment.

I have complained to my husband several times & he told me to do whatever I wish to do to them but It’s not in my nature to disrespect elderly people, they are really pushing me, if they continue behaving like this I might disrespect them.

I can remember how my husband’s family members tell me that women don’t stay long in their family before they go but which woman will stay long with the way they treat them.

I didn’t know from the beginning, I have been with my husband for 5years now, he is a very good person, in fact he told me himself that he wish he has no family member, he also told me that he can’t talk to them about the way they are behaving.

I will appreciate any good opinion, God bless you all.

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Chilling story of how man who was sleeping with neighbor’s wife was found dead inside their home (PICS)

Don’t know whether I find this story creepy, funny or KARMAful!

So a South African man was sleeping with his neighbor’s wife, and other neigbours told the woman’s husband who always travels to work. He decided to bust them, on the fateful day he knocked on the door when he was supposed to be at work, the wife hid her lover in a cupboard and was forced to follow the hubby to the village for 3 days! The man died in the cupboard!

Read the full story below;

NIgerian lady set to Marry the Man she met on Twitter after a Major Heartbreak – See the first DM (PICS)

It all started from a direct message by the lady on Twitter @beckiepweetiebo which was responded to by the guy. The guess is they took it up from there and now they are set to tie the knot.

Nigerian lady set to wed the man she met on Twitter (Source: Instagram)

We seem to be in the era of “sliding into DMs” as guys and ladies have been sending inbox messages to each other on various social media networks. While some led into taking the marriage vows, others ended as just flings or friendship.

The story of this lady on twitter gives hope that love can actually still be found online and men don’t always have to always start the conversation.

Initially, She was shocked when she messaged the guy and he responded. She said in a tweet; “so one day I decided to shoot my shot , I sent a dm to this guy here and he replied .. I was like wawu

Some epic comments have trailed her timeline since she uploaded the pictures. See some below;

See their pre-wedding pictures below;

Nigerian lady set to wed the man she met on Twitter after a major heartbreak (Source: Twitter)

Nigerian lady set to wed the man she met on Twitter after a major heartbreak (Source: Twitter)

Nigerian lady set to wed the man she met on Twitter after a major heartbreak (Source: Twitter)

Nigerian lady set to wed the man she met on Twitter after a major heartbreak (Source: Twitter)

Read Sad Story of How Woman caught her Husband cheating with her best friend (PICS)

A young South African lady identified as Katherine Johnson has narrated the story of how she caught her husband cheating with their mutual friend.

Young lady finds her husband in bed with their mutual friend
Photo Source: Twitter

The young wife took to social media to express her grief after she was reportedly betrayed by her friend and her husband.

Johnson who walked in on her friend and her husband revealed that the two had been cheating for two years behind her back.

According to the young lady, she helped her husband with his career by taking a loan out for him in her own name.

She explained that whenever she confronted her husband about his relationship with the lady he would claim friendship.

Read her story below:

Women on social media reacted to her story and gave her useful advise on what to do about her problem.

How My Best Friend’s Mom Seduced Me Into Sleeping With Her

A young man has narrated a steamy 5exual encounter he had with the best friend’s mom and is now afraid something bad might happen.

I am hooked on having 5ex with my best mate’s mum but I live in fear that I will let slip to him when we are out drinking. We are 19 and became mates when his family moved to our town three years ago.

His mum is 39 but looks half her age. She is fit and stunningly beautiful — she beats any girls our age that I know. I have always spent loads of time at his place as his mum is cool about alcohol and him having parties.

It all began when I went round to pick up my phone, which I’d left there the night before. My mate was at work and his mum invited me in a coffee. She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, looking very 5exy. I said how hot she looked, and she put her arm around my neck and went to kiss my cheek.

The next moment, we were passionately kissing. She said she’d fancied me for ages.

We had s*x right there and then. It was out of this world. I felt so guilty afterwards and just left, but she texted me saying I was amazing. She now calls me whenever she’s alone in the house. I find it impossible to say no to her, especially as she’s willing to let me do almost anything.

I no longer even use a condom because it feels better without, but I am sometimes really scared she will get pregnant.

My mate asked me the other day what was up because he said I was acting a bit weird lately. Apparently, when I had been drinking the night before, I got all emotional and kept saying I was so sorry.

Is my guilt going to make me blurt out what I am up to? I feel trapped in a situation of my own making but I don’t know whether to continue in spite of my guilt. I desperately want to keep having 5ex with her.

My Mother Wants Me To Marry A Yahoo Boi – Nigerian Lady Opens Up

Two Nigerian ladies have shared issues bordering on their love lives with an online relation adviser operating on Instagram.

A lady is caught between marrying an established internet fraudster popularly known as ‘Yahoo Boi’ or a banker who is struggling with life. Her mother is in support of she marrying the fraudster assumably due to the cash he has.

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In the same vein, the relationship blogger has also shared the story of a lady who has accused her boyfriend of being stingy during s*x. Read her story as published by Joro Olumofin below:


Why Are Nigerian Girls So Hungry? Man Narrates Embarrassing Experience

The rate at which females depend on their male partners for money has being trashed on social media with two people narrating their ugly experiences.

There is a popular notion that Nigerian ladies are stingy with their own money as they heavily rely on their partners to foot the bills of their social engagements.

Joro Olumofin, a relationship blogger has entertained two different accounts on the same issue on his Instagram page.

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