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In less than a year of launching MaDailyGist website, we have grown faster than the projected growth scale and we keep growing more each day. According to  google analytics, we generate over 150,000 page views per day (summing up to over 4 million page Views per month) with users spending at least 10 mins on our page (according Alexa).
MaDailyGist is offering ads placement space on our website to help individual and companies advertise their product and services.

The forms of Ads we offer on our website are as follows:

  1. Banner Ads
  2. Sticky Ads
  3. Full Screen Ads
  4. Social Media Ads


Banner Ads

The Banner Ads are placed on our front page, within Post and on the side bar of each post and page. It is shown in the banner below. We have different sizes that fits both desktop and mobile users

Sticky Ads -2

Sticky Ads

This form of ad is seen at the bottom of the page or post. It Stays there and the user can not miss the ads. This is one of the best form of ads as the user will definitely see the ads while on the website. See below example


Full Screen Ads

This is the best form of ads as the ads takes over the full screen of the website. The user will have the chance to see the full ads as shown below

Full screen ads-4

Social Media Ads

We have a lot of followers on our social media and this can be seen on our various twitter accounts. Millions of Nigerias are constantly on twitter and they will surely get to see your ads.

Social Banner-5

Rate Card

Rate card-2

How to start

To get started on advertising with MaDailyGist, Follow the below instructions

  1. Pick the type(s) of ads you want (Banner, Sticky Ads, Full Screen Ads, or Social Media Ads)
  2. Check our rate card to know the cost of type(s) of ads you want (Minimum spend on each of our Ads is N5,000 while that of social media is a campaign of 2 weeks)
  3. Send your ads banner to Madailygist {@} yahoo.comwith subject – ADS _Website Name or Campaign Name
  4. After approval of your ads, Make Payment
  5. Your ads comes up within 24-48 hours
  6. You will be given a code where you can track realtime number of impression and number of clicks on your ads

If you have any question, Pls send us an email to Madailygist {@} with Subject ADS_Questions

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