Accounting and 4 other University Degrees that may become useless in the next 20 years – See Why (VIDEO)


The world is changing fast. One cannot say what the world would be like in the nearest future as technology is fast changing everything.

The technological revolution we are in is not slowing down and it has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Soon some of the courses being offered in universities will be extinct as technology is taking over.

Here are 5 degrees that may likely be extinct in 20 years time.

1. Print journalism

When was the last time you read a newspaper? Online media is giving the print media a run for their money. Gone are the days when people were rushing to newspaper stand to get the day’s papers. Now you get all the breaking news online before it even appears in the papers.

2. Religious studies

As the world becomes more developed, more and more people are becoming less religious. Society is becoming less less religious as the world continues to become more globalized.

3. Accounting

Accounting software is poised to eliminate accountants. Software, such as QuickBooks, can capture and report data in real time. Accounting software isn’t new to the accounting profession. It has become a useful tool for many accountants but this software may soon empower users to the point when they don’t need accountants any longer.

4. Linguistics

Learning how to speak a foreign language is only a smart phone away. There are several language learning apps which is one of the most powerful developments in education. With google and other leading technology trying to perfect the language app, one day soon, the need for interpreters could disappear.

5. Library science

How many functional libraries do we have in Nigeria? A Library Science degree may be extinct in 20 years time as we are now slowly getting rid of books. Almost everything is done online.

Watch video of 5 jobs going extinct.

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